Big Pine Key and the surrounding islands of the Lower Keys is very different from the Upper Keys and Marathon. Once you cross the Seven Mile Bridge, it's a whole different world. It's your reward for driving this far out, because fewer people make it this far, and consequently there is less development, less frenzied congestion, fewer retail stores and signs lining the Overseas Highway. After the expansive strip through Marathon, where you pass chain food store after store, with endless choices of where to eat, once you hit Big Pine Key and the rest of the Lower Keys, it's lonely driving until you hit Key West. There is a little outdoor mall here, like a shopping plaza, but it doesn't exactly inspire thoughts of fine cuisine. If you're hungry, stop in Marathon unless you plan on committing a crime and spearing one of the Key Deer on Big Pine. There just aren't that many places to eat from here on out. If you do happen to find an open restaurant on Big Pine or surrounding islands, be warned: you might wish you'd stopped at McDonald's after all.

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